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My Will to Win is a music learning scholarship that awards K-12 students with one year of music instruction. Your tax-deductible donations will help students who otherwise would not have access to music education receive one-on-one weekly music lessons. Additionally, since students cannot practice without high-quality musical gear, scholarship recipients will be awarded a professional-level student instrument that they will earn and be able to keep after successfully completing their first year of music instruction.


Recipients will also have the opportunity to participate in several live concert-style recitals with other students. These concerts allow students the chance to perform songs they are learning while being backed by a full band of seasoned musicians. This live music experience teaches students the basic fundamentals of performing as a group or a band, as well as camaraderie, communication and collaboration. After all, a band is just a team of musicians. There is no “I” in band. 

If you truly are in financial need for music lessons, we encourage you to apply. And if you're looking to help out, student sponsorships and donations help greatly in growing our scholarship funds!




"My name is Benjamin Ewing “Benjammin” and I am applying for the Kid Rocker scholarship.


I have my own guitars and I used to have a guitar teacher a long time ago come to my home to help teach me how to play. My teacher was Frank Falccioni and he played with the Reno Jazz Orchestra.  He passed away a long time ago.  


Since I was really little music is my favorite thing to listen to. It was always my wish to have my own guitars and make people happy playing for them. 


I love all kinds of music. I’ve been practicing almost daily for almost 6 years and try to teach myself. I also use Rocksmith 2014 to help me. I would love to have lessons again.  When I don’t practice because we aren’t home I miss it. I don’t know how to read music and I’m not very good at all with cords. 


Getting the scholarship means a lot to me because I love music and it makes me feel happy.  When I play my guitar it comes from my heart. I would also like to play with other people. If I could learn to play my guitars my dream and wishes would come true. If I could learn to play it would make me feel like I’m doing something that makes me happy and others that listen to me play. I have a passion to learn and I would attend all my lessons. 


If I could learn to play I could maybe someday play in a band. 


Thank you,

Ben Ewing"



"Sweet melancholy. Let me begin by saying I’m grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me. The passion for music flows deep; A story of a young boy trying to break free from the shackles on his wrist. A story you don’t want to miss. My momma had 4 kids and a bad habit, selling drugs just to make ends meet, and provide the world for my family. Little baby at the age of one; momma got locked up. Didn’t know what went wrong; blamed myself for all of my family’s problems.

As I grew up lost in a rut, music was the only thing picking me up. Time flies even when it’s tough. I got known for beatboxing but that wasn’t enough, I want to make songs and progress my abilities, and lose my shyness in the world of sweet melody.

Music for me can only be described as sweet melancholy. It helped me through hard times. As a kid I was traumatized, but the rhythm of the drum had me hypnotized. No, I don’t want to cry, I want to shout, let all of my feelings out, if I don’t make a sound I might sink and drown, please help me follow my passion, it would mean the world. I could never afford my dream. Drums were too expensive, and we had to eat. But even when we didn’t have food, I laid down the beat.


I like acapella, but the drums a lot better. The beat in my heart races in the fast lane as the crash of the ride cymbal rings in my ears. Facing my problems with no fear. Crucial to the cause, don’t want to cause a riot, I just want to make some music everyone can vibe with. I’m stylish and I got the charisma. I’m passionate and I’ll never let up. I’m aiming high, no need rest up 'cause when the time comes I perform  to the best of my ability.


I gotta keep the chivalry. I know these people feeling me. My vibe is out of this world, no need to control; never had the warmth for nothing, but my heart was never cold.  Pure like alkaline, take a breath it will be alright. Remember what is great in life, music makes me feel so fine; the rhymes make me feel alive. Banging on those toms all night, and I won’t let you down because I’m so motivated.


I gotta right my wrongs and this is my time to make it. Thank you for this opportunity. My passion isn’t new to me, but God blessed the earth with my sweet melody.



Sage Stewart"

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