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Lucas Stephenson moved to Reno in 2005. He attended the University of Nevada, Reno, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in biology. He is the father of two precocious teenage girls and a Weimaraner named Elenor. Being drawn to working with youth inspired Lucas to explore a degree in psychology which eventually supported his decision in continuing to work with youth in the community. 


In 2017, Lucas started Kid Rocker while teaching lessons on the side. Within a year, the first Kid Rocker concert was held. By 2019 Kid Rocker was a registered nonprofit. Now, Kid Rocker can focus efforts towards helping make music education available to all youth - a landmark goal when Lucas started Kid Rocker. In addition to being a DIY sound engineer who records music from his home studio, Lucas has also been writing and performing for over 25 years.


Along with his music instructor role at Kid Rocker, Lucas also teaches music at enCompass Academy Charter School in Reno, where through a partnered effort, he has designed a program where all the students learn to play the ukulele as part of the core curriculum. 

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Luke has been playing music professionally for the past six years, and teaching for two. 


He plays in a few bands here in Reno, and is currently the bassist and vocalist for a punk'n'roll group called Grimedog, who released their debut album in 2019. He also plays in A Wormhole Could Kill Us All, an instrumental surf rock quartet who are currently working on their debut album, and also in an acoustic duo project called Just-In Beaver.

Luke loves teaching music, especially to youth! He's excited to see Kid Rocker students harness their musical potential, and hopefully one day surpass him as musicians. He's grateful for all of them because of what he's able to learn from them as well.




Brad's been playing drums for about as long as he can remember. The son of a professional drummer, he's been extremely blessed to have grown up with a wide variety of music and instruments available to him. Brad then picked up the Contrabass at 11 years old and played in his school orchestra for the next 7 years, competing in several city, state, and national championships along the way, as well as being tapped to play in the Las Vegas Honors Orchestra in 2009 and 2010. During this time, he also played in the youth and adult bands at his church, playing electric bass and drum set as necessary.

After taking a break from live music for a few years (and picking up the guitar), Brad knew he had to get back to playing music regularly. Since 2015, he has played in multiple bands and shows in the Reno/Sparks area, his longest gig being the drummer in the local Jason King Band. In his spare time, Brad likes to record in his home studio and is now teaching himself piano. He also enjoys camping, backpacking, and the outdoors. He's a firm believer that consistently practicing with and to music that you love is the key to developing your talents, abilities, and true voice.

Brad's excited to be able to pass on what he's come to learn over his career in music, while keeping in mind that it's all about having fun and feeling the rhythm!

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Matt moved to Reno in 2019 and lives with his wife Sue and their four cats. Originally from suburban Detroit, Michigan, he likes outdoor activities, rock hounding, travel and live music performances. He is well steeped in Motown, jazz, R&B, and blues music.

A machinist by trade, Matt enjoys working as part of a team, especially the time spent teaching and as a mentor to younger people. He has spent several years as a classroom instructor before getting into music instruction. As a musician of 40+ years, he offers lots of experience in technique, developing a musical ear and live performance.

Matt has been playing bass professionally in Reno for the last year with the Jason King Band and Friday@One. Working with the Kid Rocker team has opened a whole new world of creativity and helped him fulfill a desire to be active in the community and share the gift of playing music with the area’s youth.

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